Welcome to Rumah Kundun!

Rumah Kundun is a small, family-run guesthouse on Gili Trawangan, off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia.

We offer clean, homely, tastefully-furnished rooms in a quiet backstreet two minutes walk away from the restaurants, bars and dive shops in the village.

If you're looking for a friendly, comfortable and quiet place to call home during your stay on this "magic" island, come and talk to us!

The rooms

Four rooms (yes, it’s a very small guesthouse!): Two rooms feature twin beds (which are either very large singles or small doubles) and two rooms with double beds. Fan-cooled.

Towels, linen, toilet paper and breakfast provided.

About Rumah Kundun

Kade is originally from Bali, so you'll find the rooms and courtyard of Rumah Kundun have a hint of peaceful Balinese style about them. She teaches Balinese dance to young children on the island, and if you're lucky you might be able to sit in on a lesson in the courtyard!

Dian manages "The Beach House" -- a restaurant and bar where you should be sure to try the fresh fish barbeque during your stay.

We live with our son Kundun in a house attached to the guesthouse. When you stay at Rumah Kundun you're not just a guest, but a member of our family (albeit temporary!), and we do our best to make you feel completely at home here.

How to find us (from the ferry)

When you arrive at the beach on the island, your ferry will pull up on the sand. Jump out of the boat (your feet will get wet, so wear flip-flops!) and walk up to the road.

Turn left, and walk about five minutes until you see a dive shop called "Buddah Dive". There is a small road on the right just after this shop.

Walk down this small road until you see our sign. Turn left. About 50 metres down the lane on the left is Rumah Kundun!

If you get lost, just ask any of the friendly locals. It's a pretty small island, and somebody should be able to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have air conditioning / a swimming pool / hot water showers?

Our rooms are fan-cooled. (And also airy and well-ventilated, with large windows that you can open.) We don't have a swimming pool, but we do have an excellent foot wash to rinse that sand from your toes, and the ocean is just two minutes' walk away! We don't have hot water showers, but who wants hot showers in this heat?

Please remember that we are a small guesthouse. There are many other guesthouses on the island who will oblige you with such luxuries, but you will certainly pay for it!

What's for breakfast?

We offer a complimentary breakfast of fresh fruit, tea, coffee, and either eggs or a pancake. All served on your balcony. It's a good way to start the day!

Can you arrange ferry tickets / bus tickets / snorkelling trips / etc?

Yes. Kade can help you arrange all these things. Just ask!

What's up with the electricity?

Lombok (and the Gili Islands) have very limited electricity supplies. There are two new power plants due to be built, but in the meantime we live with rolling blackouts: That is, there will only be electricity for half the day! You will hear when the “electricity is off” because many establishments on the island have noisy generators to provide backup electricity during these blackouts.

We believe in environmental responsibility, peace and quiet, and the beauty of the night sky when the lights are off. So when you stay with us, please be prepared for an occasional candlelit evening at our guesthouse! It is a fact of life for the people who live here, and for many of a guests this becomes a strange highlight of their stay.

And don’t worry... When you get tired of reading by candlelight, the lights are always on in the bars and restaurants just two minutes' walk away!

Contact us

Want to know more?

From Indonesia, call: 081 338 63 1414
From overseas, call: +6281 338 63 1414